TP_LINK WR1043 v3 - limit 300Mbps

I have installed the openwrt in a TP-Link WR1043v3 router on a 1 Gbps (ISP Speed) line but the maximum speed I go is 300 Mbps.
I installed these versions openwrt luci 18.06 and openwrt luci 19.07 and I'm still having issues
I've also tried the openwrt sfe version which is the one I currently have installed, OpenWrt SFE r12706-1fb3c003d6 / LuCI Trunk, kernel 5.4.24, but the limit is still at 300Mbps. (No 1gbps as I payed)

Does someone have the same issue?
becasue in the default firmware for TP-Link the download speed works greats, I mean works at 1 Gbps (ISP speed provided) and the ping drops to 1 ms. Look these screenshots

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Your router uses a QCA9558 (ath79) SOC running at 720 MHz, that's good for routing up to around 150-200 MBit/s, but for 1 GBit/s WAN speeds (which is still firmly in enterprise territory) you need significantly more CPU- and networking performance than your router can give you (not to mention that its single band 802.11n wireless won't actually put it on the air either).

This forum has several suggestions for 1 GBit/s capable devices, but your options get narrower for that - and towards the higher end of the budget spectrum.

if you really have the SFE Version (

it is DISABLED by default. The homepage shows how to enable it

1GB should be a breeze.