Tp link wn722n V3

I want to help me in a tp link wn722n v3 (rtl9188EUS) but I can not find driver. and not working.
Do I find a solution for the problematic or no?

help me please:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

I'm not entirely sure what do you mean? Do you need the driver for USB Wireless Adapter TL-WN722n? What does this have to do with OpenWrt?

Anyway, this is the product download page on the manufacturer page


Tp-w722n v3 is not working for openwrt

I actually happened to have TL-WN722N, and it's working with OpenWrt.

Are you saying that you can connect with that device to other routers but not the OpenWrt router? Could you please explain your problem in more details?

I bought tp link wn722n but it does not work openwrt

Without you providing enough information, it's difficult for us to provide help.

1- What operating system do you have tp link wn722n connected to? Windows? Linux-based? Do you have tp link wn722n recognized by the operating system, and able to "see" available wi-fi networks?
2- If tp link wn722n can see available networks, can you connect to any other network (if you have)?
3- Can you connect to OpenWrt router by cable?
4- Can you connect to OpenWrt router from any other wireless-enabled device (e.g. phone or laptop)?

The problem is in version 2 and 3
Version 1 works, version 2 and 3 don't.
Is there a solution please

Avoid Realtek.

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I own tp link wn722n v1 and I recommended it to my friend.
He went to buy it and found tp link wn722n v3 and found that they are different.

Good for you, but friends don't let friend buy Realtek.