TP-Link WE830RE repeater mode

Hi all,

My very old repeater needed an new life, and I installed Openwrt (overwriting the 2013 OEM firmware). All went well, but now I am stuck getting the thing to work as a repeater.

So far it's on my network ~ wired~ with a unique IP on eth0. I have connected it to my existing wireless network with a unique static IP as clieny WDS... it has connected OK.

But I can't seem to see it on Wiifi - the AP and my other 2 repeaters can't see it either.

I have read the docs several times through, but still can't see what I am suppose to do?

And help please?

P. S. I am a hardened GNU/Linux guy since 1998, so happy with SSH command line etc. so no need to nanny ~ just pointers needed please.

so it's connect to your network via ethernet cable?
if so you need look for dump ap

Only while I am setting it up... but even though it's connected to Wifi, as soon as I unplug ~ lost in

OK, I found out why - no disc space. Looks like some settings never got set properly due to this, so it was always sort of half configured.

I had to flash back up to the original 2013 firmware :slight_smile: