TP LINK WDR4300v1.7 Bricked

I was testing firmvers ddwrt,stock tplin and openwrt.I didnt belive it have only 150mbps rate for 5ghz wifi but it does it all 3 firmvers. I was in openwrt firmver last, before that in ddwrt.I want go back to tplink stock i was flashing from openwrt to tplink.I didn pay attantion i checked force flash.Didnt want to continue to flash to stock fw.Than after that when i plug in power cord all led blink than oly power light uo and lan led blink with pc.When i rename openwrt factory fw to recovery and flash in tftpd says

Connection received from on port 2960 [25/06 08:50:26.501]
Read request for file <wdr4300v1_tp_recovery.bin>. Mode octet [25/06 08:50:26.502]
Using local port 56162 [25/06 08:50:26.503]
<wdr4300v1_tp_recovery.bin>: sent 15873 blks, 8126464 bytes in 2 s. 0 blk resent [25/06 08:50:28.509]

after that all leds dont blink and router dont reboot, in 4 5 times yes once. am not sure does reset button works ,also wps blinks when i press

Read ?

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I dont know how to cut if that metter

The how part is staring back at you from the screen ?

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whats is first to do what next, help me :smiley: i never do wdr4300 tplink

Which part don't you understand?

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yesteday i did these (stock web revert )**DON'T TRY to flash wdr4300 with wdr4310 firmware and vice-versa!** what now?

Oops ...

Well, you should till try the recovery instructions.

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is these that ? de-brick or OEM installation using the TFTP recovery

i execly did that last time like described today , and nothinng, netmask /24 (

only i did with tftpd not with these
Using TCPdump, you should now see request for new firmware image:

ok how do i do that in these

i cant type commands its bips only

ah its only fow view ? Using TCPdump, you should now see request for new firmware image:

now i do with tftpd? says these
Rename factory image to given name and put it into TFTP server root.


i found this site, looks like it is what you need if you don't want to use 'DD' on linux

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Maybe that's the maximum your client can do on 5GHz?
On my WDR4300, i had up to (if i remember correct) 667 MBit with my notebook. But i haven't used this router for at least 3 years, so i might be wrong.

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what i insert in browse openwrt or stock? i tryed downloaded file have 0 bytes size

As it states at top of page

Use this tool to convert a TP-Link stock firmware to an OpenWrt-compatible sysupgrade file.
This is useful in case you want to return to a stock firmware from OpenWrt.

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No no even is stock tplink was maximum 40 wide and 150mbps, looks like i buy something low rate :frowning:

yes ok i put in tplink stock

What device are you using to test the wifi speed?
My old smartphone can only do 150Mbit/s max. on both 2,4 and 5 GHz.
My notebook can do up to 866 MBit/s on either band.
You should check this first, before you randomly switch firmware on the router.

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Too late for it now, since it's soft bricked :slight_smile:

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i tryed to convert orgonasls and have 0 bytes when i download
that fw are :wdr4300v1_en_us_3_14_3_up_boot(151104),wdr4300v1_en_3_13_33_up_boot(130617),wdr4300v1_en_3_13_31_up(130319),tl-wdr4300v1-webrevert