TP-link WDR4300 with HP printer 4646

Hello, I recently installed open WRT on my tplink WDR4300, and I am amazed and very thankful of how great the firmware works on this old device. I setup everything including the printer connected on a 2.4GHz connection, but for that I had to lower the security standard from WPA2/WPA3 to WPA/WPA3 because of the printer. I tried connecting the printer with the router by one of the USB ports, but I was not able to find it. What am I doing wrong?

check out the p910nd luci-app-p910nd packages.

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The drivers to do this aren't in the default install. You would need at least kmod-usb-printer and p910nd. Network to USB printing is kind of a kluge. This should accept connections at openwrt.lan:9100. You will need to manually configure this on your PC, scanning for printers is unlikely to find it. Only the print function will be supported, not the scanner.

It should work with WPA2. Try running an AP that is strictly WPA2 no WPA3. You could make an AP only for the printer and set it with a large random password.