TP-Link wd9980

hi im new in this forum
i installing latest release for my router/modem but now i cant reach the web interface of my router and i cant dialer with my has become a GHOST
i need help to recovery it or how to reset....or something to restore....i need help
thanks for help

The current release is 17.01.4. If you installed Snapshot, the issue is likely that LuCI is not installed.

Try connecting using SSH.

Did you install a "snapshot"?

If so, LuCI is not present and will need to be installed by ssh-ing in and executing

# opkg update
# opkg install luci    # or luci-ssl or luci-ssl-openssl
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Im not install snapshot....what is?
And the router is not dealer with PC...
I try to reset with the tutorial on the openwtr project with no result...
So in ssh the router respond?i try tonight thanks for now

Please provide the URL where you downloaded this "latest" from.

I follow this guide
Any idea how to rescovery my router?
I follow any tutorial but nothing....i cant dealer with the router i think is bricked.....

I try to enter intorno failsafe mode....when wirshark get uso packet i push the reset button or wps button or wifi on/off....but nothing....i dont know how to reset the 9980....
My router is Dead?