TP-link WA830re v2 - no access

Hi there everyone, first time user here, been wanting to play with open wrt for ages.

installed the firmware on the unit tonight, rebooted when complete. and now I cannot find it it connect to it anywhere.

It has no ssid, and i cannot find it on my router which it is hardwired to.

the power gear and ethernet lights are on solid and I'm not sure how i can gain access to it.

I have tried resetting the device, and directly connecting to it from ethernet without my router. it doesn't assighn an IP address to a pc if plugged in.

any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, this is a 4 meg flash / 32 meg ram device, which are no longer supported targets - which image / version did you install?

By default the ethernet interface will be set as Lan with an ip of, with dhcp enabled and wifi will be disabled, as these are the openwrt defaults.

If you don't get assigned an ip when connected to the ethernet port with a pc the unit may be failing to boot, possibly out of memory - depending on the image you've flashed to it.

yes its a 4/32 unit.

I installed the 18.06, shouldn't be having a boot issue I don't think. I made sure not to use the "upgrade" version.

Ok, well try running wire shark and see if it’s sending any packets