TP-link W8980 with Orbi RBR50 and (AT&T) Arris BGW210-700

I got an Orbi+satellite to replace that, to connect to an -700 fiber modem/router from my ISP, assuming I'd be able to use the USB ports to connect a couple of portable hard drives (not), and reduce the number of devices needed, even though it's an older small house also have a little better signal to the Roku which is at the other end of the house. The TP-link can only do up to 2Gb USB drives and I have a newish 4Gb drive that already has data on it when I discovered that.

Is there anything I can do to the Tp-link (third-party firmware, or newer firmware?) to enable it to handle USB drives over 2Gb, or some other relatively inexpensive device that would work? ? I want to be able to access them over the network, and the TP-link allows for disconnecting them in the interface if I need to.