TP-LINK TLWR840N V2 LUCI Install Failed Low space

After flashing LEDE and configuring my router with Internet access through PUTTY,
Now I'm facing an error installing LUCI - 0 space left
please help and let me know how to revert to stock firmware if possible
thank you

Warning: This is my home brewed recipe for your model, I didn't find anything detailing these steps. Highly untested!!

  1. Download and unzip the content of the TP-Link original firmware for your TL-WR840N V2 locally on your PC and not the router

  2. Open the bin file with HxD (a convenient Hex Editor for Windows, much easier that dd for Windows)
    a. We need to pre-process the file to remove the UBoot section because it has the word boot in the filename (md5 of original bin: 810ab3aad73017ff5773bc2f2f6dfbc4)
    b. Tick the hex radio button at bottom
    c. Select start position at "0"
    d. Tick the length selection radio button and input "20200"
    e. Click Ok
    f. Hit DEL to delete the selected block
    g. Confirm file length will change warning (that's what we want)
    h. Save as "tp_stripped.bin" (md5 of altered bin: 1626801849161e306a6c8512d31c3729)

  3. Use WinSCP to upload that altered firmware to /tmp folder
    a. Ensure to use the protocol SCP and use the root account with the password you've set

  4. Issue the following command using the CLI through Putty ssh:
    a. sysupgrade -F /tmp/tp_stripped.bin


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