Tp-link tl-wr940n v4 problems for install

Thank you for the answer.

If I understand correctly I should have no problem accessing my box by typing since it is on the LAN port.

Except it doesn't work. I have a following error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

What is ARP? I'm not yet top of the line yet.

As a parental control I'm mainly looking for something like "this device can't connect to the internet from this time to that time or that day".

Is there an android APP to control a router from a phone?

This is an error on your part. Ensure that you're properly typing the IP address. For some reason, your client saw that entry as a bad domain name.

Try clicking this URL:

Have you seen this section in the Firewall section of the LuCI web GUI?


Just browse to the router using your browser. You should see this page easily on a phone.

(Again, this infomration is included in the manual, and by searching the forums: Parental Control for time restrictions not working with "reject")

Thank you but I don't have that under my firewall menu. (unless I'm blind)

I think it's a mistake on my part but I can't find the solution because on the old firemware it was the dns that didn't work.

I can't be good at it.

Thank you but I don't understand any more I'm going to read what you gave me you never know.


image of my menu

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It seems as if you're not willing to take time to simply browse the web page.

You may be...

And what about when when you actually CREATE A RULE!?!?!?!?!?!?




(Again this information is in the manual, and available by searching the forums.)

You asked what ARP is. I sent you a WIki entry (in French and English) - and the manual to use the arp command. The DHCP server in OpenWrt only knows the IPs it issued. As @mk24 said, to see all other IPs:

believe me that's what I do, but I'm not a pro and therefore what seems logical to you is not logical to me. I looked at the links you gave me but I didn't see all this.

Sorry again to bother you.

I won't bother you again.

Thank you. Thank you.

I learned the same way, via looking at the manual. I never implied anything requires professional skill. It does require basic understanding of networking and web browsing, though.

I would simply advise you to browse more:[]=arp

Also, FYI, the command arp command has been deprecated for ip -4 neigh. (see network link above).


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Hi! Could somebody please help me with entering recovery mode for this device so I could install an openwrt binary on it via TFTP? So far, I tried:

  • holding down reset button on startup for 4 seconds,
  • holding down factory reset button on startup for 4 seconds.
    The lights on router still don't start flashing as they should. So far, I managed to enter recovery mode easily on Linksys and Asus routers, but this one oposes a problem...
    Thanks! :slight_smile:

@gasperataj, welcome to the community!

I don't think the lights flash. You need to have your TFTP server ready to go on as the router comes up, then it should download the file and flash it.

  • Connect an unmanaged switch between the router and PC so the PC doesn't see the Ethernet carrier drop and reconfigure its port.
  • Do not have the PC connected to any other network, wired or wireless.
  • Shut down any firewalls on the PC. The default Windows Firewall will prevent TFTP server from working.