TP-Link TL-WR902AC bad flash recovery

I confirm I could "unbrick" wr902ac v3 by loading openwrt firmware again via tftp and then I could restore original tplink firmware in following steps:

  1. downloaded TL-WR902AC(EU) ftom tplink site
  2. from zip file extracted file TL-WR902ACv3_EU_0.9.1_0.1_up_boot[170828-rel57433].bin
  3. in mobaxterm, in bash shell removed prefix with dd command:
    dd if="TL-WR902ACv3_EU_0.9.1_0.1_up_boot[170828-rel57433].bin" of=tp_recovery.bin skip=257 bs=512
  4. started router in safe boot mode by pressing the only button on it just after first light appeared when powered on (of course LAN cable was attached to the PC and that network interfeace IP was set to
  5. in mobaxterm the file produced in step 3) I copied via scp to the router /tmp by command:
    scp tp_recovery.bin root@
  6. ssh to the router
    ssh root@
  7. flashing original firmware to the router with command:
    mtd -r write /tmp/ tp_recovery.bin firmware

Router did boot automatically after successful flashing.

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