TP-Link TL-WR902AC & 5GHz

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I'm new to OpenWRT (though I've used alternate firmwares in the past) and have not yet read through all the documentation or gotten started with an installation. I saw on the compatibility grid that my newly purchased TP-Link TL-WR902AC very is supported but that the 5ghz band isn't supported or is non-functional as of the most recent image version 18.06.01. Is that still the case or will it be fixed in an upcoming release?

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It depends on the hardware revsion, v1 should just work - in case of v3, there is no driver for the 5 GHz wlan (nor much hope for this to change anytime soon).

Yeah, it's version 3. Proprietary/closed source binaries are the culprit I assume?

Has something changed in this topic? Any chance to support 5ghz?

I can’t find the commit, but I thought I spotted the chip was supported in mt76 (although still early support)

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Is there any update about 5GHz support for TL-WR902AC v3? I'm new to OpenWrt and I'm planing to buy travel router and need to know if 5GHz is supported.

+1 on this question. Planning on one of these too. Anyone actually have one running 18.06.4 who could tell us?

I asked the make-wifi-fast list, and there was some confusion on is there driver support yet.

yes, it's supported

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Yes, I can confirm, 5GHz network is working. You need to install "kmod-mt76x0e" (in LuCI: System -> Software)


Could You please give some more instructions how to do it? After installing "kmod-mt76x0e" should the 5Ghz wifi show up?

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