TP-Link TL-WR841N v9 packages not included


I don't know what I' doing wrong. I want to build a small image, with luci, adblocker, wirgaurd, ... But in the image is no application included, uhttpd, wireguard,.. is missing.

Is it possible that there is no more space and the application is not included?

config file:
version: checkout v18.06.2


make -j 4
time: target/linux/prereq#0.16#0.02#0.19
 make[1] world
 make[2] package/cleanup
 make[2] target/compile
 make[3] -C target/linux compile
 make[2] diffconfig
 make[2] package/compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/toolchain compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/libjson-c host-compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/ncurses host-compile
 make[3] -C package/system/fwtool host-compile
 make[3] -C package/system/usign host-compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/modules/luci-base host-compile
 make[3] -C package/utils/lua host-compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/mbedtls compile
 make[3] -C package/firmware/wireless-regdb compile
 make[3] -C package/kernel/gpio-button-hotplug compile
 make[3] -C package/firmware/b43legacy-firmware compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/openssl compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/gettext compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/libiconv compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/libtool compile
 make[3] -C package/network/services/dropbear compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/libpcap compile
 make[3] -C package/network/utils/linux-atm compile
 make[3] -C package/network/utils/resolveip compile
 make[3] -C package/utils/busybox compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/libubox host-compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/libnl-tiny compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/libjson-c compile
 make[3] -C package/utils/lua compile
 make[3] -C package/firmware/linux-firmware compile
 make[3] -C package/firmware/prism54-firmware compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/zlib compile
 make[3] -C package/system/fwtool compile
 make[3] -C package/system/openwrt-keyring compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/contrib/package/lucihttp compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/protocols/luci-proto-ppp compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/themes/luci-theme-bootstrap compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/protocols/luci-proto-ipv6 compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/wolfssl compile
 make[3] -C package/network/utils/iw compile
 make[3] -C package/system/opkg host-compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/libubox compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/ncurses compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/libs/luci-lib-ip compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/libs/luci-lib-jsonc compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/libs/luci-lib-nixio compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/ustream-ssl compile
 make[3] -C package/network/ipv6/odhcp6c compile
 make[3] -C package/system/mtd compile
 make[3] -C package/system/ubus compile
 make[3] -C package/system/uci compile
 make[3] -C package/utils/util-linux compile
 make[3] -C package/utils/jsonfilter compile
 make[3] -C package/system/usign compile
 make[3] -C package/network/utils/iwinfo compile
 make[3] -C package/network/services/uhttpd compile
 make[3] -C package/network/services/hostapd compile
 make[3] -C package/libs/uclient compile
 make[3] -C package/network/config/swconfig compile
 make[3] -C package/network/services/dnsmasq compile
 make[3] -C package/network/services/odhcpd compile
 make[3] -C package/network/config/netifd compile
 make[3] -C package/kernel/linux compile
 make[3] -C package/system/ubox compile
 make[3] -C package/system/rpcd compile
 make[3] -C package/system/opkg compile
 make[3] -C package/system/procd compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/modules/luci-base compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/libs/rpcd-mod-rrdns compile
 make[3] -C package/system/fstools compile
 make[3] -C package/network/utils/iptables compile
 make[3] -C package/kernel/mac80211 compile
 make[3] -C package/network/services/ppp compile
 make[3] -C package/base-files compile
 make[3] -C package/boot/uboot-envtools compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/modules/luci-mod-admin-full compile
 make[3] -C package/network/config/firewall compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/applications/luci-app-firewall compile
 make[3] -C feeds/luci/collections/luci compile
 make[2] package/install
 make[2] target/install
 make[3] -C target/linux install
 make[2] package/index
 make[2] checksum

installed packages

 OpenWrt 18.06.2, r7676-cddd7b4c77
=== WARNING! =====================================
There is no root password defined on this device!
Use the "passwd" command to set up a new password
in order to prevent unauthorized SSH logins.
root@OpenWrt:~# opkg list
base-files - 194.2-r7676-cddd7b4c77
busybox - 1.28.4-2
dnsmasq - 2.80-1.2
dropbear - 2017.75-7.1
firewall - 2018-08-13-1c4d5bcd-1
fstools - 2018-12-28-af93f4b8-3
fwtool - 1
hostapd-common - 2018-05-21-62566bc2-5
ip6tables - 1.6.2-1
iptables - 1.6.2-1
iw - 4.14-1
iwinfo - 2018-07-31-65b8333f-1
jshn - 2018-07-25-c83a84af-2
jsonfilter - 2018-02-04-c7e938d6-1
kernel - 4.9.152-1-5779a989c42179adcfbe6c3d204b91b2
kmod-ath - 4.9.152+2017-11-01-9
kmod-ath9k - 4.9.152+2017-11-01-9
kmod-ath9k-common - 4.9.152+2017-11-01-9
kmod-cfg80211 - 4.9.152+2017-11-01-9
kmod-gpio-button-hotplug - 4.9.152-2
kmod-ip6tables - 4.9.152-1
kmod-ipt-conntrack - 4.9.152-1
kmod-ipt-core - 4.9.152-1
kmod-ipt-nat - 4.9.152-1
kmod-lib-crc-ccitt - 4.9.152-1
kmod-mac80211 - 4.9.152+2017-11-01-9
kmod-nf-conntrack - 4.9.152-1
kmod-nf-conntrack6 - 4.9.152-1
kmod-nf-ipt - 4.9.152-1
kmod-nf-ipt6 - 4.9.152-1
kmod-nf-nat - 4.9.152-1
kmod-nf-reject - 4.9.152-1
kmod-nf-reject6 - 4.9.152-1
kmod-ppp - 4.9.152-1
kmod-pppoe - 4.9.152-1
kmod-pppox - 4.9.152-1
kmod-slhc - 4.9.152-1
libblobmsg-json - 2018-07-25-c83a84af-2
libc - 1.1.19-1
libgcc - 7.3.0-1
libip4tc - 1.6.2-1
libip6tc - 1.6.2-1
libiwinfo - 2018-07-31-65b8333f-1
libjson-c - 0.12.1-2
libjson-script - 2018-07-25-c83a84af-2
libnl-tiny - 0.1-5
libpthread - 1.1.19-1
libubox - 2018-07-25-c83a84af-2
libubus - 2018-10-06-221ce7e7-1
libuci - 2018-08-11-4c8b4d6e-1
libuclient - 2018-11-24-3ba74ebc-1
libxtables - 1.6.2-1
logd - 2018-02-14-128bc35f-2
mtd - 23
netifd - 2018-11-19-4b83102d-2
odhcp6c - 2018-07-14-67ae6a71-15
odhcpd-ipv6only - 1.15-3
openwrt-keyring - 2018-05-18-103a32e9-1
opkg - 2019-01-18-7708a01a-1
ppp - 2.4.7-12
ppp-mod-pppoe - 2.4.7-12
procd - 2018-03-28-dfb68f85-1
swconfig - 11
uboot-envtools - 2018.03-1
ubox - 2018-02-14-128bc35f-2
ubus - 2018-10-06-221ce7e7-1
ubusd - 2018-10-06-221ce7e7-1
uci - 2018-08-11-4c8b4d6e-1
uclient-fetch - 2018-11-24-3ba74ebc-1
usign - 2015-07-04-ef641914-1
wireless-regdb - 2017-10-20-4343d359
wpad-mini - 2018-05-21-62566bc2-5

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Looks like you're using a .config intended for buildbot use CONFIG_TARGET_MULTI_PROFILE=y was the hint. Those multi-build configs aren't very compatible with self-built images the way that most people build them

I would:

cd path/to/openwrt/
rm -rf ./tmp            # This is *not* /tmp/, but within the build root
./scripts feeds update -a
./scripts feeds install -a
cat /dev/null > .config
make menuconfig         # Select ar71xx, tiny, and your TL-WR841Nv9
make -jN clean download world

I find that selecting "use ccache" and "save logs" in Developer options valuable.

I'd build a "plain" image with no added packages first, to resolve any problems.

Then you can add the packages you want and hopefully have no further issues.

If you're building your own, at least in my opinion, you might as well use master


Being on "tiny", you will need to be very careful with space. has some good hints that might help you.

Thank you for your answer.

I've tried your steps, first without any packages and than with luci, but when I chose luci the uhttpd is not inlcuded.

Built was made from master.