TP-Link TL-WR841N(D), WA701N(D), WR740N(D), WR741N(D), WR743N(D), WR940N, WR941N(D) - LADUS / JULIA / Ultra Lite / VPN builds


Updated LADUS build and added support for few more devices only in this build. Rest of the builds will be updated in following couple of days.
Feedback is welcome.

I added 740n. It is in LADUS for now, rest of the builds will be updated.
Test it if you can.


@hmd61551 Can you please remove IPV6 from the ultra lite package the way it was before?


I just did it :wink:

Ultra Lite build is updated with new devices added.



Don't forget JULIA build... :slight_smile:



How can I forget it... :smile:

JULIA build is updated with new devices added.

LADDUS build will be updated tomorrow .


I would like to test "NEW Experimental OpenVPN build (7.3.2017)" in WR941N(D). Thanks in advance!!

Simple-adblock: fast, lean and fully uci/luci configurable AdBlocking

@migueljal You can test it now.
Report back the results if you can.

OpenVPN build has been updated with new devices added.


I will report back. Thanks!


There is a dhcp problem with the OpenVPN build, I am uploading the fixed version.

EDIT: The fixed build is uploaded.


Hi hmd61551,

After few days of learning how to build the images. 4MB is really a tough to build anything.
Can understand how much effort you have put in to bring this great firmware back to the community

I just want to share my findings so far , to build a customized firmware. IMHO, we can remove the opkg packages to free up some space. Since opkg having intermittent behavior when installing packages.

This can be apply to your julia, laddus and ladus build



I flashed LADUS image on tplink 740n v4 and so far no issues. thanks for adding more build targets :slight_smile:


@lithoc Would you be willing to beta test a build without opkg packages?
I have made a test build but have no time to test it. If you want, I can send you a download link for your hardware version.

Images without opkg are 64 kilobytes smaller.


If someone would like to beta test Ultra Lite and OpenVPN builds that are without opkg, leave your hardware info and I will send you a download link.

OpenVPN build is with IPv6 support and rest is the same. @julianocs You asked about this so if you want to test it let me know.



Hello... First, thanks, a lot.

I would like to test VPN build with IPV6. (I have two hardware versions... 8.0 and 9.0)

And about ULTRA lite build, i can't understand why @itsnotv asks you to remove IPV6.
It´s causing some problem?




My hardware is wrd841n v11. I can test some basic functionality. But I'm testing my build now. So far been running > 24 hours without issues using it as mwan3 load balancer and wifi router

I have taken your ultra lite and added mwan3, sqm, AdBlock, upnp, libustream, uhttpd, luci app and removed opkg.

I didn't test your openvpn build but I have notice my build have free memory less than 2mb which using Luci will cause out of memory and the wifi and lan port will reset itself.
It's really hard/frustrated to configure using Luci due to this

Workaround is to disable AdBlock service.

After configured/finalized, re-enable AdBlock and disable uhttpd (Luci) and reboot router

If need to configure router, use SSH to enable uhttpd and disable AdBlock

Definitely not user friendly


First off all thanks hmd61551 for all the hard work!
I'm a new user of LADUS 17.01 and I've spend two days just to understand how to set up properly my network...
Everything is working fine now but i still have two doubts: (hope someone can help me out...)
1- I want to block a specific site "" through LuCi. In dd-wrt was on dnsmasq additional options like this address=/
In LuCi I just can't figure out.

Where it says "Additional Hosts files" can i drag or point a a host file made by myself?

Sorry if this are really dumb questions?


You can blacklist specific site by adding it in /etc/adblock/adblock.blacklist
Add one domain per line. You can do it like this:
And then just save the file and restart adblock service or just restart your router.

I think you can blacklist site using LuCI in Services-Adblock but I am not sure, I will check it later and let you know.


Thanks @hmd61551 for the quick reply.
I'm a complete newbie... so, how do I get in that directory?
By SSH? Can I read and make changes in the entries there are on this adblock.blacklist?


Yes, you can use ssh.
For example:

  1. ssh root@
  2. enter your password
  3. vi /etc/adblock/adblock.blacklist
  4. Press button "i" on keyboard
  5. Enter adresses of sites you want to block without www, like in example I gave you in previous post
  6. When you are done press Escape key
  7. To save the file type :wq exactly like that with : simbol and then press Enter
  8. reboot router

This is if you are using linux. If you are on Windows use putty


OpenVPN build is updated. In this update I added IPv6 support and removed opkg.
If you are using this build, please provide feedback.

In LADUS build there is a problem with DNSCrypt and it will be fixed in next update and opkg will also be removed from it.

Thanks @lithoc for suggesting removal of opkg.