TP Link TL-Wr840N v5 EU

I flashed my TP Link TL-WR840N v5 EU to OpenWrt and now i can't access the GUI of my router and also WiFi is not working.
Can you help me how to access my GUI or how can i revert to stock firmware?

Thank you in advance guys,

Which OpenWrt image exactly did you flash to your device?

I believe that wireless is disabled by default.

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correct, and, as hinted by the previous question, "snapshot" images don't have LuCI installed, so no GUI without installing it from the command line.

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Connect with PuTTy (or an SSH client of your choice), and type the following:


That will show you how much free space you have, so that you can check if you can install the GUI (unlikely though, as your router has very limited flash space).

Meanwhile, or If you have no space to install the GUI, this page will show you how to enable WiFi form SSH