TP-Link TL-WR740N: Build Image, whats my profile?

I have a TL-WR740Nv4.23 and I want to build my own image. I have downloaded the ar71xx image builder. The manual says that make info should list the profiles. But there seems to be no profile with a 740 in it. What is my profile?

Reading from the page you linked, if I picked the right row


  • ar71xx
  • tiny
  • tl-wr740n-v4
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This is the output of make info
There is no 740 or 741.

My guess is that there is a "tiny" as well as a "generic" image builder and you have the "generic" one.

From the tiny download page, it presently shows


Thanks a lot. I didnt know about the other image. :slight_smile:

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