TP-Link TL-WN8200ND

I have this USB WiFi and I can not get it to work in OpenWRT. I have already installed its corresponding driver and it does not work. The same thing happens as other Linux distributions.

That pretty much answers it then, doesn't it. That dongle seems unsupported (or dead), unless the manufacturer has supplied drivers for the kernel version and hardware architecture you want to run it on.

If the manufacturer believes it is supported, then I'd work with their support team on a "desktop" Linux-based distro that they claim to support.

(Can't say much more without even knowing the manufacturer and model, not to mention the chipset involved.)

Looks like Realtek RTL8192cu chip. Realtek chips are not well supported in Linux. OpenWrt wifi drivers are direct from mainstream Linux.

It is a rtl8192cu. I also have an rtl8192ce (rtl8188ce) and it works perfectly. I do not understand why this adapter does not work.

Devices with RTL8192cu chip and dual antenas face troubles with the upstream driver (shared by other linux distros) due to an incomplete MIMO implementation in the driver. It is very likely that your other rtl8192ce device has single antena, thats maybe the reason that your other realtek device works fine.

It is true! My other device is 1x1 MIMO. Thank you for your answers!

I got this module
TL-WN8200ND ver2.0 with RTL8192EU
Still not working on 22.03.2
Someone got it working in linux but not in openwrt
here is the link

I keep it in a box :smile::smile:

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