TP-Link TL-WDR4300 slow WiFi

I installed the latest snap of LEDE. Before that, I was running DESIGNATED DRIVER (Bleeding Edge, 12009).

After I did a sysupgrade via CLI, and restoring my configs, I noticed that my wireless download rate was cut in half. Barely averaging 36-40Mbps download on 5GHhz connection (I'm on Comcast extreme speed tier). My wireless config did not change between the upgrade.

I reverted back to a firmware.bin backup I had made on Bleeding Edge, 12009. Instantly, my download speeds hit my normal average. 80-105Mbps. Is there a known driver issue in the LEDE release? Why such a drastic difference between the two releases?

Snapshots are not the same as the stable release.[Model*~]=wdr4300

@kgoerbig Or in other words: What happens if you install 17.01.4 i/o snapshot?