TP-Link TL-WDR4300 http/tftp backdoor

here in the wiki it says there is a backdoor and i wonder if this is patched in the latest release please?
if you have this router and are using the latest firmware, please share your experiences as well.
thanks a lot.

.... of the stock FW ? ask TP-Link ....

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yes, sure. and thanks. but WITHOUT the stock FW; and WITH latest openwrt, is the backdoor still open?

wiki clearly says ...

SECURITY WARNING: Unpatched http/tftp backdoor in original firmware:

What makes you think the issue ever existed in openwrt ?

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OK. Thanks. the level to which the openwrt affects the original firmware is unknown to me and that gives me reason to ask what to you may seem a silly question. thanks, however, for suggesting that the backdoor in the original firmware is not applicable, as in present, in openwrt.

The OpenWrt firmware completely replaces the original firmware; only the boot loader and some configuration parameters remain.


@eduperez thanks a lot for this. i appreciate your comments and clarity on the issue.

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