Tp-link tl-rw841n v13 back to factory impossible?

i'm trying to return to factory firmware, tried all available ones from tp-link website (EU and US versions), all of them brick the router after flashing (via tftp).
i've read i need to stripe the firmware, but i'm not that knowledgeble to do it.
can someone share US firmware (i need higher wifi output) for 841n v13 so i can flash it via tftp?

See for instructions how to get back to stock firmware.

ok, i tried and did what was written in the guide, but after flashing the new file i still get up a boot loop.

any other hint ?

Instructions say don't do anything to the factory file other than rename it tp_recovery.bin. A "stripped" firmware is used to flash factory using the sysupgrade process of a running OpenWrt.

Are you sure the TFTP transfer is working? Start tftpd in debug mode and check the server logs.

tftp is OK because i can restore the router to tp-link EU firmware by a "eu stripped" firmware i found on the forum (i have it running now) , which was stripped by someone else. i can also get openwrt running with tftp.
if i download a original firmware (either EU or US) from tplink website and upload that one, i brick the router. all fw from tplink have the "boot" in the filename and brick the router.

first use tftp to install the 19.07.4 tftp version ... that should successfully flash if you properly do the tftp flash. After that strip the version from the official tplink site. then scp that to /tmp and use sysupgrade -F version.bin after sshing into the router. using tftp of the stripped version can be a hit or miss. I find this method more successful than others to go back to stock. Also the original config is apparently saved somewhere so keep that in mind. Overall ive done this plenty of times to test snapshots etc.