TP-Link TL-MR3040 Android issues

Hi all!

I Bought a TP-Link TL-MR3040 v2 Router for my job. It has a Lucy Lede firmware on it, but i cannot set up my phone to reach the local network via wifi. (this one comfortable to use, because has a built in battery)

My laptop works well on the wifi network what the device created, but my phone(oneplus 9 pro android 14) not. It can join to the wifi, but if i enter the address what i want to reach, i got the following message: the address is unreachable.(in the same time, i can reach the same address from my laptop)

I also have TP-Link TL-WR902AC router, and that one works well with my laptop and my phone. (this one has an original TP-Link firmware)

Is it possible, to fix somehow this? Im not a network expert, so i very welcome any help.

Many Thanks!

This device is really really old, and the firmware is from 2017. The firmware has been EOL and unsupported for the last 5 years or so, and the hardware you are using is too old and under-resourced to use firmware that is currently supported (i.e. 23.05). The firmware that can run on that device is so old that it will have many known security vulnerabilities and should not be used anymore.

This one is still usable with 23.05 (although depending on the version, may be unsupported on future OpenWrt versions).

You should really retire the MR3040v2 and just use your WR902AC.

Ohh I understand. Maybe I can use with an older Android device? Or could you recommend me a router with built in battery which can works with Android 14?

If you use both an old/unsupported/EOL version of OpenWrt, you are exposing yourself to potentially serious security vulnerabilities in general. Add to that an older version of your OS and you're probably asking for even more serious issues. My recommendation is just e-cycle the device.

I don't have any specific recommendations, but assuming you want to run OpenWrt, it would be a good thing to ask on the hardware recommendations section of the forum.

Its a closed network where i want to use the device, far away from the civilization. But I understand, it cannot works with my phone. It is what it is.

I will use the battery from TL-MR3040 to make the WE902AC to battery powered.

So there is no internet connection at all? Is this just a wireless network that connects a few local devices to your phone where there is no other network whatsoever?

Yes of course. No internet connection at all. Just a matchine and its private network.

The strane thing is, my collegaue had a same TL-MR3040 router since 2017 and its perfectly work for him. The difference is the firmware. His router has an old original TP-Link firmware.

My TL-MR3040 came with this Lucy Lede firmware. I want to try to flash back the original tp-link firmware to try, but i dont understand fully the description.

Its a little bit complicated to me...

I have putty, sometimes i used it, but that description not clear for me, and i dont want to brick the device.

If you can help me in this, i very welcome.

It looks like that device is a bit more effort to restore to factory firmware than more recent products. The instructions are on the page you linked, though.

BTW, a large part of what might be causing you headaches is the fact that there is no internet connection and the phone is probably favoring cellular. See if there is an option to "connect anyway" -- this would be out of scope for here, but you might ask on Android forums for tips and tricks. But either way, I still think that you will be better served using the 902AC or other more modern hardware.

Thank your time what you spent to me. Ill try somehow to put back the original firmware. If not successful, i will use the 902AC router.



Can't leave me the think to put back the official firmware to te MR3040. I have done it :slight_smile: It taked hours, i have been learnt a lots of things about SSH putty, HEX editing.

With the original TP-Link firmware, my phone it works with it. It loads the websites, youtube, etc. I don't know why the LucyLede doesn't but now its working. Tomorrow i will test it in my workplace.

"edit: It works fine now! Im happy"

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