TP-Link TL-MR3020 v1

Hi I have a TP Link TL-MR3020 v1.

I would like to try the OpenWrt firmware but the links appear dead. Would it be possible to have these fixed? Thanks.
The filename is still using the lede name but the link in the device info uses the new openwrt name.
@tmomas FYI.

So this firmware will work? Its just the generic?


There is actually a slightly more recent version: 17.07.7 here

That said, the MR3020 can barely run 18.06, but it is not recommended due to the limited resources (flash storage, ram, processing power) in that device.

If you like OpenWrt, consider picking up a newer device -- the TL-WR902AC is essentially the same thing as the MR3020 just newer and higher performance. There are also other travel routers that are more capable, too. Then you can run 18.06 or 19.07 without issue.

sorry for bump old thread anyone tried to run wireguard on this mr3020 have been tried v17 and also tiny 19 but failed from installing v19 tiny said kernel not compatible

So you managed to install V19 on this device? do you have link to image can you share it?

I honestly wouldn't even bother on this older device. It is too limited in memory (both RAM and flash) to run anything beyond LEDE (17.01) comfortably. You would necessarily have to remove LuCI and possibly other packages for it to fit into flash at all, and even still it may have difficulty due to the RAM limitations.

Yeah, that is not a problem, I do not tend to use luci a lot on these devices, I use ssh mostly, and this device is only used as dumb ap.

If you're only using it as a dumb AP, you could use 18.06 which will fit with a minimal install and consumes a bit less memory (still barely fits, though). The device is 2.4GHz only, 150Mbps maximum connection speed, so the performance will always be well below that level. but for older/low bandwidth devices, I can imagine it being okay.

There is link to image somewhere?

The device page only shows LEDE (17.01) in the listings. I could swear it worked with 18.06, but I am not finding links.

There are ath79 19.07.7 images for the 3020v1, with luci, in OpenWrt 19.07.1 ath79 tiny LuCI

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