Tp link tl-mr150

Hello everybody. Please tell me if I can flash my router - TP LINK TL-MR150, I did not see my model in the lists of compatible devices, but I saw a similar one with exactly the same characteristics, tell me, will the firmware go to my router?

No, it's not supported.

See here and here.

Thank U very much. Is there a normal firmware on it so that a safe signal comes out, can you even say encrypted?

"all" sites use HTTPS nowadays, so technically, you're always encrypted.

But, i wanna more encryption, open wrt is a good firmware, i wanna similar. Do u have?

Then you need to get a supported device.

No more firmware for my router?

There never was one!?

I just asked what firmware can still be installed on my device

I'm afraid, this is a question to ask the manufacturer, not the OpenWrt community.

Ok, sorry guys