Tp-LInk TDW8961N v3 - supported?

any one can help me to find this firmware for router Tp-LInk TDW8961N v 3.0 and or when it will be supported ?[Model*~]=td-w8961

-> No OpenWrt image available for TD-W8961N.

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thanks bro for replay
when i searched about it i didn't found any hardware or firmware for it so it will be supported soon ?

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The router has a Broadcom chip AFAIK and this maybe one of the reasons it will not be supported. Broadcom doesn't provide any open source drivers for its products and so development is too difficult to be possible.

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so there is no hope to support this driver ?

Yes this seems to be the case for now.

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maybe later Gods will :wink:

@persson14, welcome to the community!


Maybe not. For more information about the matters surrounding open source and that brand of chips, see:

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No hope, you should find image BEFORE buying of router, not AFTER. Broadcom doesn't provide ANY opensource driver, so I recommend not to use it at all.

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I understand this maybe for another topic but I think there should be some type of [Not Possible] header for the topic title and a mod should just update the title rather than going in a lengthy conversation with the OP to make him believe why. Just a thought.

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(@ahmar16, I'm not a mod; but I can edit titles.) :wink:

  • I personally feel this is informative and educational - especially since the Table of Hardware and Broadcom Warning WIki pages hadn't yet been shared with the OP
  • I try not to change OP's titles, except to make them more "on-topic" or a more clear description that better matches the flow and direction of the thread
  • Posters commonly make "is x device supported" threads - quite regularly
  • I think it would be rude to just change the title; and not address the OP - but perhaps I didn't understand your suggestion
  • Those headers are added manually when creating or editing a title

I edited the title to append: "v3 - supported?" - per [the point of] your suggestion. :+1:

Yes I understand that informing the user is necessary and my point is actually making it more decisive. For instance we can ask OP to mark the topic as [Not Possible] rather than marking as [Solved] as usual.

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Note: N vs. ND should not make a difference, since usually the D means detachable antenna.

-> Not Broadcom, but 2/8MB is the problem.

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While 2/8 is an instant disqualification as well, RT63365E isn't much better either. Yes, the WLAN card would be supported, the SOC or its xDSL capabilities aren't (and most likely never will be).

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