TP Link TD-W9970v1: can't create /dev/mtdblock1: No such device or address


i have a tp-link v1 with the latest firmware from d-link.

Firmware version: 0.9.1 2.11 v0025.0 Build 170726 Rel.65343n
Hardware version: TD-W9970 v1 00000001
I am using the procedure with telnet on port 1023 as super user to try to install OpenWRT

When I write the image to disk with cat I have the following error:

~ # cat /var/usbdisk/sda1/openwrt/openwrt-15.05.1-lantiq-xrx200-TDW8970-sysupgrade.image > /dev/mtdblock1
-sh: can't create /dev/mtdblock1: No such device or address
~ #

it is not possible for me to open the device for serial mode

thanks for help


Hardware version: TD-W9970 v1 00000001

9970 v1 - Broadcom

8970 v1 - Lantiq + Atheros

Let's assume that the 9970 is a typo. From where did u got the procedure with cat because I see nothing like that in wiki.

Oupss ! thank you for this correction! it's an error on my part ... I ran the TD-W8970v1 tutorial on my TD-W9970v1

but there is no other way than to flash in serial and therefore to open the device?

sorry for this error ... it might not work ...

I'm unable to find an OpenWRT image for TD-W9970 v1 (no git commit for it, no wiki page for it, nothing in download section) so I will kinda assume it's not supported by OpenWRT.

Someone else asked something like this some time ago and got the same answer:

Trying to flash a firmware from another SoC that is from another manufacturer will result in a bricked router. That's why I said that 9970 is Broadcom and 8970 is Lantiq + Atheros .