TP-Link TD-W9960 SSH access?

I understand this is off topic, feel free to close if it's against the forum's rules.

Hello! Does anybody have an idea how to login via SSH to the router? The router officially provides only web UI and telnet, but the SSH port is open and used for their mobile app (the latest version of the app doesn't support this router anymore). They claim only their apps can access via SSH:

However, SSH Services on the TP-Link products are only available for TP-Link apps. Other SSH clients cannot access to TP-Link products or adjust their settings with command lines. So please rest assured that the SSH will never cause any safety issues on your device.

I have a very hard time believing that. Any ideas? Thank you.

This device is not supported by OpenWrt. You can contact TP-Link and/or use their user forums (or other TP-Link or general networking sites) to get answers, but this is out of scope for the OpenWrt forums.

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