Tp-link Td-w8980 openwrt firmware install on td-w9980

can i install td-w8980 openwrt firmware to td-w9880 without issue ?
tp link td-w9980 openwrt page says sysupgrade succesfull without issue mean does work on td-w9980 ?
[OpenWrt Wiki] TP-Link TD-W9980 / TD-W9980B
[OpenWrt Wiki] TP-Link TD-W8980

TP-Link TD-W9980 / TD-W9980B wiki page says they're the same ?

td-w9980 wiki page says W8980 openwrt image can by sysupgraded without an issue. does this mean i can install w8980 images to w9980 ?

is that exactly what you posted ?

yes can i install on my td-w9980 modem openwrt ? does support ?

that's what the wiki page says, doesn't it ?

the wiki tells you that it is, and isn't capable of..

in this page [OpenWrt Wiki] TP-Link TD-W9980 / TD-W9980B

yes, and ?

for what it's worth you can install the factory TD-W9980 firmware on the TD-W8980

Yes, but can the software in this link OpenWrt Firmware Selector be installed on the td-w9980 modem? Will they be compatible? They both have similar features. Will there be any problems?

dude, you're keep repeating the same question over and over again.

the answers won't change, no matter how many times you repeat it.

flash it already, or don't.

I'm asking if it can be installed, the only answer I want is yes or no, I don't understand what you say.

to give you an absolute answer, you need someone with the device on their desk, you might not find anyone here, with one.

"should work" is probably the best you'll get.

if you don't like the answer, simply stay away.

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Yes they are the same only a sticker different

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which was the answer you got in the 1st reply ...

Ok thank you for the answers. I decided not to install openwrt. I will update the official software and use it.

there is more to it tho
they are all software comparable
but there are hardware differences
the annex B version is not interchangeable with the non B
but if it worked with the OEM firmware it will work with openwrt

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