TP-Link TD-W8970 v1.2: how to stop autoboot

I soldered three wires to GND, RX and TX as in the Wiki page. I can see boot messages on the serial console window. However I can't stop autoboot by pressing 't' key on the keyboard (as described in the guide), I tried many times.

I don't think the PC->router signal (RX signal for the router) is broken, because I can see the echo of the characters I type. So it's quite sure the signal is integral: the character is transmitted by the PC, is received by the router CPU, transmitted back (echo) over the other signal (TX signal of the router) and well received by the PC.

I suspect there's another key or sequence of keys to press to stop autoboot. Maybe this changed with new OEM firmware.

guess you haven't seen

Yes, I read it, but it only say to press 't' key. As I wrote, I pressed 't' many times, but the autoboot didn't stop.

I solved. I think it was a bad ground connection over serial console cable. I made a stronger ground connection between PC and router board and it worked.

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