TP-LINK TD-W8970: No eth1, how to create it?

I have a TP-LINK TD-W8970 and because of I have two networks, I want to put him into booth by cable. With my other router I put one cable into the WAN port (interface with physical adapter eth1) and the other cable into one of the lan ports (interface with physical Switch Vlan eth0.1). But the W8970 has only the Switch Vlan eth0.1 and no eth1, instead it has a dsl0 adapter. If I look on the outside it has 3 Ethernet Lan ports, 1 Wan Port labeled "Lan4/Wan" and an additional DSL Port. How can I convert the Lan4/Wan into a eth1 adapter? So that I can assign different IP addresses to them?

you just need to add another vlan to eth0
should be simmer to the below image
so "off" the wan/lan4 port from vlan 1
add another called vlan id = 2 tagged the cpu interface & untagg the wan/lan4
the new interface will be eth0.2


Thanks it worked, now I have a eth0.2 interface :slight_smile:
Additional I had to set different Ethernet Addresses for the interfaces. But now the eth0.1 interfaces seem to be unstable. A short time, both IP addresses can be ping and I can login via ssh, but then the IP address on eth0.1 cant be accessed anymore from outside. I exchanged the cat5 cable with a new one and the connected port without success.


The last message is about "IPv6 duplicate address". eth0 and eth0.1 have the same ipv6 address, its the same with my other openwrt router. Where is the malicious duplicate?

seems to have the same mac address for eth0.2 & dsl0 ?
there is DSL10,WAN & WWAN witch is the real WAN ?
if WAN is realy another LAN I'd change it's name
I hope one of this leads you some where

There is a smaller dsl port on the router, but I cant plugin a cat5 cable. I dont use it anymore.
I changed the mac address of the wan_dev dsl0 device, but the error stays.

it hard to go further with out any info about your 2 networks & what you want to get out of this

There are two networks. 192.168.178.x with computers that all belong to me and 192.168.77.x with my computers and computers from others. All cat5 cable from all computers go into two switchung hubs, both switching hubs are connected by one cable. So its one Ethernet segment. Currently the router has no purpose, I will give him one later. The problem is that the router dont appear stable in both networks. My Main Laptop has interfaces in both networks. Pings only take ~0.2ms, but the router answers took often more than 1 sec. If I only plugin the eth0.1 or eth0.2, the "IPv6 duplicate address" message disappears. I can plug in the cable later, but the message dont appear later. I looked at the arp cache of my laptop and the ip address in the 77 network and the 178 network are different. The newly created eth0.2 IP seems to be evertytime available, the eth0.1 IP can be reached from the outside after some time.

ok without know it's firewall configuration you have called one lan and the other wan
so to me you Have NAT setup & all the firewall that comes with it

I think you want the Device to be a client on both networks but not doing any routing at all
but maybe run an application say NAS or media sever to both networks is this correct ?

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The eth0.2 interface is stable, the error "IPv6: eth0.1: IPv6 duplicate address" is still there, but I'm detecting no impairments. The problem was not in OpenWRT or the router, it was a wrong cable between the switches.

Edit: After running some minutes stable, the interface become unstable again. I really lost interest in this router. No pings to other machine come through. The putty ssh connection closes, but on my ping target machine I can still see the arp requests (tcpdump 'arp' -e -i eth0 -n -p -t)

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