TP-LINK TD-W8970, disable PPPOE

Hi there.

At the moment I'm using a firewall OPNsense which manage the PPPOE connection directly through an external modem. In other terms, for how I see it, tells the modem how to connect and the datastreem goes directly to the firewall skipping the modem IP and network

I have an old TP-Link with OpenWRT (18.06) as mentioned in the title and I'm wondering if I can do the same.

I tried to disable the WAN network (based on the interface DSL0). It seams the modem connects and do not forward the information.

Shall I complete remove the WAN interfate? maybe change protocol to DHCP rather PPPOE

I hope to be able to solve this issue because he idea for this device is to manage local wifi and print server, tested and working flowlessly

Thanks in advance

You can configure it as a bridged modem (you should still upgrade to the current OpenWrt release, though), see the BTHub5a guide (roughly similar hardware) for examples.

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HI @slh

  1. bridget modem or bridge mode? In both cases, do you havesome tutorial or link to suggest? I gave a quick look and the first openwrt doc page I found and it is very basic or so I see it, my bet

  2. Update the system: I know it is an old to very old release but from the 19.X which I tried the memory uage for the core system is higher. I should spend time to prepare a custom one..

I keep searching about the bridge mode(m) but feel free to boost my research with further details if you can


There's this:

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HI @hecatae,

thanks for the link. I went through it and it doesn't look it answer my question. Later on I will try to set up the WAN as generic network with static IP and DHCP server associated and then leave the PPPOE connection free for outside calls.

Any further suggestion is welcome and I'll revert with more information as I proceed


PS: the link shows a lede version 22 was installed to the same modem/router. I will investigate to rise security level of mine

There's a wealth of information on other Lantiq devices, for example, the Netgear DM200 has details on a transparent bridge:

There's a bridge setup combining two interfaces, this only goes up until 19.07.xx but basically on the dm200 eth0 and dsl0 were bridged.

I'm not sure if this has changed with the switch from swconfig to DSA, but as I do not currently have a ADSL/VDSL connection to test with, currently using Mobile and FTTP is almost live for me, I cannot go through my DM200 to advise.

There's also the vr3503j and the BT HH5a, @bill888 is usually the quick reply on this subject:

Hey @hecatae thanks again for your suggestions.

I think I haven't explained my goal properly.

By default (or so I have it m my device and cant recall if I set it up or was so after fresh install), on openwrt the WAN interfavce is a bridge between eth0 (CPU) and interface dsl0.

  • First question: why WAN is on ETH0?!?!?! never paid enough attention until now?

At the moment the WAN is a network based on eth0 interface with own IP network and DHCP server
The singularity is that the router does still connect to the internet as visible in the modem dashboard

  • second qestion: how can the modem still being able to connect without explicit user/pwd (removed from WAN with PPPOE protocol)?
  • 3rd question: ATM bridge, advanced Settings. what is the difference between routed / bridged in forwarding mode?
  • 4th question: why interface dsl0 is available only with the WAN network? Because of ETH0 WAN settings?

regarding question #3, my gut feelings based on poor knowledge are to use routed but don't now hot to use this way if I'm correct