TP-Link TD-W8970 Bridge Mode


Hope you can help. I've had my TD-W8970 running as my prime router for a few years now and its been running fine and far more reliable than the router that my provider sent me. However, its time to upgrade! So I'm turning it into a wifi extender.

I've followed the handy documentation here:

but when I get to the important part - creating a new interface for the repeater !! as shown in this screen shot from the documentation...

on my version of the page there is no option for Protocol Relay Bridge!

I've continued with the instructions - and it does perform as a Wi-fi extender - but the network is very slow - like 10% performance of the original network speed.

Any help would be very much appreciated to breathe a new lease of life into the router!


Did you install luci-proto-relay?

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I've not - I will give that a try. Do I download via the Packages function in Luci?

Yes, or directly from opkg in console.

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I tried to get back into Luci but I can't get to access the router at all. It seems to connect when to the PC when I have the static address set up as per the how to - but it just times out when I try to connect. When I SSH into it - using Putty it just says timed out.

I've tried to failsafe it back to but that doesn't work either!

Is there a way of find out the IP address of the router when its connected to the PC ?Sorry for the newbie question! And thanks for your help.

If you followed the guide to the letter, then you can assign to your PC an IP and connect to the router on

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So I got back in using the factory reset button.thank you !

I installed luci-proto-relay as you suggested.

Now set up the router as per the wizard. So that fixed the initial problem.

But I have one question.

At this stage

What should I put in the local ipv4 address? The IP address of the lan port? Which has the 192.162.1.xx ip address ?

I had put one in for this - and fixed it on my primary router using the MAC address of it.

But since restarting both routers all I get is the w8970 talking on the network the whole time - Flickering very fast - my power line adapters go crazy and nothing seems to work! As soon as I unplug the wr8970 it stops.

Iā€™m scratching my head !!! And the router is probably going to go in the bin!!

The IP address will be the one assigned from the main router subnet at which you can access this device from the main router netwkrk. If the main router network is then an IP from this subnet will be assigned. I personally start from 254 going downwards.

So according to the documentation, edit the wwan interface and assign a static IP from the main router, e.g., and then use this IP in the relay interface.

Edit: Have a look here.

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If you followed the guide to the letter, then the IP there will be 192.168.1.X, but without netmask.
In the lan you should have 192.168.2.X/24

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thanks for your help everyone. I've configured correctly as per the how - to.

However I think now I have it - I don't think the Wi-fi extender / Bridge is what I want I need!!! I don't think I looked at the diagram correctly!! So let me explain what I'm trying to do and I hope someone can help!!

I've got a primary router (ADSL and WIFI) in one room and I'd like to extend the fast connection at the back of the house. So my plan is run ethernet from the back of my Primary Router to the W8970. Then get the W8970 to share this via its wi-fi - but on the same wi-fi network as the primary router.

I thought it would be easy ! haha! thanks for your help.

You need a dumbAP.
If the problem is solved, feel free to mark the topic accordingly.

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thank you ! Very much appreciated.

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