TP-Link TD-W8968 v4

Hi i recently purchase TP-Link router with ADSL modem.
Model No TD-W8968 v4

I searched the form regarding TD-W8968 v4, but found topics related to TD-W8968 v3.

Can i install TD-W8968 v3 firmware on v4

Below is link for v3 firmware

OEM link:

Hi, I have v5 and didnt try to flash it yet, could you get lede running in it ?
Is the Modem working in Lede? I need it.
Thanks a lot

No LEDE firmware image available for v4 and v5.
No hardware specs available for v4 and v5 -> not possible to tell if v3 image will work

@l3d3f4n This topic is about v4. For questions regarding v5, please open a new topic (preferably including the missing hardware specs like SoC + Wifi chips used).

tmomas, I have a TD-W8968 v4 and I'm interested in installing the LEDE on it. Is there anything I can do to assist in generating this firmware? If necessary I can even open the box and send photos of the hardware.


To know what's inside would be very helpful.

Tomas, here's the pictures. If any details were missing, just let me know.

I have the same router, So any news?

I too have this router. Interested in replacing stock firmware with open-source one.

While the provided images aren't completely conclusive, the BCM43217 wlan chip strongly suggests a brcm63xx design (like the previous hardware revisions of this ADSL router). This means, no support for the embedded ADSL modem at all (and basically no chance for this to ever change) and only extremely basic wlan support via b43 (802.11g support at best, likewise no chance for improvements). The rest of the device might be supportable, but given the components that definately won't work, I can't really imagine anyone spending money, lots of time and effort on such a device.

Ok, thanks for clarifying the situation.

I have TP-Link TD-W8968 V1
looks like I should not even hope

Source code are available
from version 1 to 5

V5 source code is not available

i had done the SW OS to opneWRT, but I have major issue.
1-speed is low all time, cannot go more than connection is 100.
2-i have wifi camera, on original OS working fine, with new OS it keep disconnect, need to reboot or wifi restart to connect