TP-Link RE650 V1 blinks continuously

Good afternoon.
I am using Google Translator because I am not a native English speaker and my knowledge is very limited.
I hope that everything I am trying to say here is well understood.
It is my first post in the OpenWRT forums, I am sorry that it is due to problems.
I have recently installed in one of the two TP-Link RE650 V1 repeaters that I own, the firmware 21.02.0-rc2.
At first, I had problems because it did not allow the firmware update from the repeater's own interface until I discovered that by changing the name of the OpenWRT Firmware to the latest official TP-Link firmware, it was able to update.
After the update, the repeater turns on and the power light flashes constantly at a slow rate. It does not detect the network and it does not have Wi-Fi.
I've been trying everything imaginable for several days to gain access.
I have followed the steps in the OpenWRT guide to reset the device, using the reset button, the power button, the WPS button... but nothing works, just the led blinks.
Any idea how I could access the repeater or go back to the official TP-Link firmware in this case?
Thanks in advance for the help.

default IP should be, since you didn't install rc3, there might not be a web interface, only ssh.

Wireless is disabled, by default.


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Good Morning.
Thanks for reply @frollic.
I have tried every step of the OpenWRT help guides but I can't connect in any way, the only step I would have is, buy or make a programmer cable and try to flash the device over UART.
Although the latter seems very dangerous and will surely be useless if I did ... I am a bit clumsy with welding.
For the latter, I try to find out if there is any other option to reset the repeater without having to open it and try to reprogram it forcibly.
Thank you.