TP-Link RE455 IP error

Hello everyone. I'm new around here. On Friday I updated the firmware of my TP-Link RE455 with OpenWRT. Although the flash was successful with apparently no errors, when I try to access the extender from the browser it keeps telling me that the IP address is refusing the connection. The straight (non-crossed) network cable is new Cat.8. The Plugs are perfect and do not appear to be broken in any component. Unfortunately, at the moment I have no other network cables to try. Anyone have an idea? Could it be that the firmware flash went wrong? Are there methods to do a second programming? Thanks to all those who will and can help me.

Thank you all.


installed a snapshot image ?
they don't come with luci / webUI.

grab the RE455 sysupgrade file from
(win)scp it to the /tmp folder, and via ssh (putty) run sysupgrade /tmp/filenameoftheimage

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Hello and welcome.

Which file (link if possible) did you upload to your router?
Can you ping the router?
If you can ping it, try to ssh into the router.

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