TP-Link RE450v1 bricked while flasing original firmware with LuCi [Closed]

Dear all,

Because it has only 8MB flash and does not (currently) support mesh, I was planning to donate my RE450v1 to a local charity and I tried to flash it to the original firmware using OpenWRT LuCi. Bad idea. It bricked the device.

I used:

Now when booting the RE450v1 is blinking (central button). Can it be unbricked easily without access to serial console?

Kind regards,

Do you think TFTP would work?

You could have tried that already in the past 24h while waiting for an answer.

Sorry, I gave it to recycling. Anyway, the RE450v1 has only 8MB of flash, too little space and does not support wireless mesh (claims to support it, but /dev/mesh0 does not show). I had to rebuild custom OpenWRT images. Instead I am using two GLinet B1300 and I am very happy. So closing the issue.

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