TP-Link RE450 v1 support

Dear all,

I am planning to buy a RE450 for testing.
I like the 1Gb wired plug for backbone.
The devices offers both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz.

Is there any reason why it is marked
LEDE unsupported: WIP

this is a nice and stable device indeed, no problem to build a lede image for it at all... the only thing i noticed when i got a second unit with the latest hw-revision and vendor-fw: i had to flash an older image from this thread first (direct link) after that it was sysupgradable to the latest lede

I just purchased it, thanks!

Hi @ffries

Did you install LEDE on your TP-Link RE450 ? Is it working well?

Can you set the TP-Link RE450 NIC to be the WAN port so it acts as a true router?
What is the wifi signal and performance like??

kind regards


nice device, running well with LEDE.
i noticed some mistakes with the preconfiguration of the buttons.
pressing the Big front button (wps?) triggers the /etc/rc.button/reset (with LEDE from 14.4.2017)

p.s. and the power button doenst seems to be controlled by OS, its a hardware power on/off switch :-o

@mirlang Hi, I've just purchased a RE450, V2 and cannot upload the LEDE firmware... can you confirm if you has V2 or V1? Many Thanks!

V2 is new and therefore it could be significantly different than V1 and LEDE currently do not support it.
I don't think that any developer has his hands on one.

Just checked and they are some pretty big changes.
SoC was changed and also RAM was halved to 64MB.
So most likely GPIO-s and pretty much everything was changed.

Without having it in hands I doubt that someone will support it.

Maybe nobody confirmed up to now that this device is working as expected with LEDE.

Having out of memory issues:

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