Tp-link re450 v1 no sysupgrade available

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I have running an tp-link re450 v1 as wlan relay. I´m wondering, there is no sysupgrade image available in firmware selector for build 22.03.0. Do I missed an information about this? My other devices (some Archer c7) got sysupgrade images and running fine with 22.03.0 rc6.

Thx for some information about this in advance

I can't really search the source right now, but I assume 8 MB flash combined with a sub-optimal vendor flash partitioning (the v2 only offers 6 MB usable space, can't find the details for v1 right now) might result in the image no longer fitting.

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Maybe the buildbot logs for 22.03 can shed some light.

@slh may be it´s a restricted device.

@Borromini In step 51 is reported: /bin/sh: 1: 8: Bad file descriptor What ever...

Thx for your answers. I will wait for the final release. ATM there is running 21.02.3 on the device

Thx for your answers

When I look at the log it says it's missing the sysupgrade file for the RE450 v1. I'm not finding any 'image too big' errors for that device though (you can just filter for the name of the sysupgrade image).

As kind of expected earlier, the maximum firmware size is indeed very limited:

6016 KB…

with the re450-v3 sysupgrade image currently (22.03.0-rc6) weighing 6144.3 KB, it's no wonder why building an image for the re450-v1 doesn't succeed anymore.

Sadly the vendor wastes 1984 KB on 'useless' fluff in their OEM partitioning (partition-table (64 KB), info (128 KB), config (1792 KB)).

Could be deleted.

See Re450-v1-v2-for-22-03-releases-change-of-partition-layout

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