TP-Link RE450 is hard bricked and constantly rebooting with LED blinking


I am not very experienced in this matter, so I would appreciate your patience and understanding. I attempted to install an openwrt firmware on the repeater device and it seemed to work. However, I encountered some problems with the configuration. Unfortunately, I did not consult the documentation for adjusting the settings properly. The Wifi AP appeared but the clients could not connect to it. It was a frustrating situation and I needed to restore the wifi connections quickly. Therefore, I hastily tried to revert to the original firmware and I was unaware that I needed a custom oem firmware for that. I chose the original oem firmware and checked the "force upgrade" box and after that the device stopped functioning. It shows constant LED blinking and it keeps rebooting. The reset button did not work to access a recovery mode. The Ethernet cable was plugged and unplugged rapidly and I lost control over the device. I took it to a local router specialist, but he said that I had damaged the internal memory and he could not fix it with any of the methods he knew because the device was rebooting forcefully.
I wonder what your opinion is on this issue and whether it can be fixed or not.

If you have a v1, then it seems you have serial access without needing to solder, scroll down to the Debricking part here: (you still need to solder the pads but you don’t need to solder/desolder resistors or anything like that)

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No. I do have V3.

The V3 is similar to the V2 and it requires desoldering 3 resistors: R64 R69 R203.

On my EU V2 (it could be different from region to region) R64 & R69 are already empty so I just need to desolder R203.
Serial access is via pin holes on the motherboard. (You can either solder pins or just try to «wing it» without soldering) When done you can access uboot with a usb/rs232 adapter and from there you can revive the board by reflashing openwrt image. (You cant go back to oem without modifying the oem image)

Btw these resistors also need to be desoldered if you want to flash the chip with a soic8 test clip.

Edit: I meant R201, not R203.

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Hi, I have an EU RE450 V2 i think and bricked it after trying to upgrade openwrt. I notice you said R203 needs desoldering and on the wiki it says 0201 is there a difference? Mine has 64 and 69 missing already. Thanks

Damn, you’re right. It says 201, not 203. Good thing I haven’t desoldered anything yet😀