TP-Link RE200 v3, Does not turn on completely after installing

Hello friends..

Tried to install OpenWrt on my Tp-link RE200 V3. As mentioned in the OpenWirt Guide (Web Interface Method (v2, v3, v4):
Simply install the -factory.bin image via the stock web interface. This procedure does not overwrite U-Boot, hence you have higher chances of being able to recover from a bad flash
It was done wirelessly.. After installation the device restarted but it didn't turn on completely.
The power LED blinks for a while, then the power LED stays on.. Even after waiting for a while, it doesn't turn on completely.

Is it brick?
What to do next, can anyone help?
Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

Couldn't find a topic here for the same situation with V3. That's why a new topic was created. If there is a similar topic please mention it.

wifi is off by default, if that's what you're expecting, you'll need an ethernet cable.

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With one wired port there is no WAN connection set up, you need to add at least wifi to lan and from there on reassign WAN port.

Thanks for your replay

Will try to buy an ethernet cable next holiday.

Thanks for your replay

Is the installation done locally?
Does it need a WAN?

You need to connect it to internet somehow?

Occasionally, it was currently being used for local network purposes.

You need a cable for initial configuration.

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Done.. thank you : so much

Be very careful when upgrading - there are some reports upgrade takes more than 10min

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All done... only take below 5 mint

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