TP-Link RE200 v2 on 23.05-RC3 has issue with 5GHz WiFi

Just got one free from friend, was testing with 23.05-RC3, after setting up the WiFi, system log is showing tons of following messages:

daemon.notice hostapd: ACS: Survey for freq 5xxx is missing noise floor

It's was a newly flashed device and I only changed wireless password + country code
Apparently the SSID is showing up but upon connecting with my phone, it tried to connect but failed eventually, system/kernel log are showing tons of:

mt76x0e 0000.01:00.0 MAC error detected

The RE200 series had issues with 5GHz from the very beginning. Unfortunately, these devices are getting old and it is likely that not many are using it anymore. I threw them out over two years ago.
Given the low amount of flash and RAM, support for them will be discontinued soon anyway see Wiki.

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Yeah I understand it's low amount of flash/RAM, was trying to use it for a small corner without proper signal, and the ability of mounting on power socket also saved me some efforts on wall mounting other WiFi router.

So do you mean the 5GHz radio issue is never resolved? Is this mt76 driver issue or model specific?

I think it's a combination of both: some wrong or weird EEPROM settings in the device and mt76 doesn't know what to do about it. I read somewhere it could be the external PA that's unsupported, there are quite a number of threads on the mt76 issue tracker. However, I don't remember having ever seen messages like yours with MAC errors.

Understand, now I have to give up, when I tried to flash back to 22.03 it bricked, don't want to open the case for the serial so just let it go.

MT7610E issue has been solved yesterday.

I've upgraded my RE200 v3 to latest openwrt 23.05.3, but the 5GHz WiFi still does not work: unable to connect to it.

The mt76 change has been applied to OpenWrt snapshots, not to OpenWrt 23.05.3.