TP LINK RE200 v1, problem with establishing connection


I have installed OpenWRT to my TP LINK RE200 rev1. I used installation over GUI with automatic image preparation
I am newbie in openwrt and have no idea how to connect to RE200. I am using windows.

RE200 is directly connected to PC over ethernet cable.
Ethernet card in PC has manually assigned IP to (gateway, mask

For comunication between PC and openwrt in RE200 i am using putty (ssh).When i am trying to connect to RE200, putty says, that "connection is time out".

How can I establish communication between PC and openwrt. Do I have correctly set IP adresses?

Sorry for my dummy question :).
Thank for your answers.

any IP in the 192.168.1 subnet but .1 should work, DHCP client too.

remove the static IP and check if your device reverted back to the TP-Link fw.


DHCP doesnt work. When i connect with PC to RE200, PC doesnt have IP and putty says "Network error, no route to host". Computer has only "windows" assigned IP.

What do you mean "remove static IP and check if device reverted back to original firmware"?
After removing static IP i have no route to RE200.

Let's check the LEDs: Disconnect and reconnect power and describe the behavior of the LEDs you see during boot.
The power LED should be on, then probably off for some seconds (I'm not sure about this), then blink fast, then slower and it should be on after a minute or so. Do you see something different?

Also if old access points come up in the air it was wrong...