Tp-Link RE 455 V1 configure wireless from SSH or install Luci offline

Hello to all,
I have just registered on the portal although I have been attending it for a couple of years already when I installed OpenWrt on my Netgear and updated to the latest version a few days ago´.

Now I have installed the dedicated Snapshot on a RE 455 repeater. I think installation was successful.
The problem is that I have not been very smart ..the repeater with only one port LJ45 and I am absolutely not able to set the wireless from the command line or to install offline Luci.

I followed some guides on how to configure the wifi configuration file and tried the configuration but the wireless does not work.

I tried to follow here the tutorial "Luci off-line" but I did not understand how to download the packages there is no download button.

I need a step by step guide ..

Not sure what you mean by a download button. You have to manually download all needed packages to e.g. a computer; and then use a protocol like scp to transfer them to the device.

If you can manage to connect it just once, the install process can be quick and automated (you could disconnect the device afterwards).

Hi, so clicking on a package opens this window ...

then what? what needs to be done to download it?

  • You have to download them from the packages site (or mirror)
    • You have to match the OpenWrt version and CPU target Package Architecture
  • You then scp them to the device
  • You install the packages in reverse-dependency order

(More details on oll of these can be found in relevant Wikis.)


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Thanks for the answer, I found the page I understood the navigation for the HD and OpenWrt selection.

You install the packages in reverse-dependency order

So ?

It means you install the first package that doesn't need another in the list as its dependency. I'm not sure what order the listing on that page are - so it might not be too helpful.

Have you actually tried it yet?

Just to be sure; because I haven't seen it displayed yet:

OK! I got it.
however it is complicated also because in my release there are no packages that are listed in the guide except some ...

I need these:



ath79 is not there. Which chip should i select?

I've done it!!

As a windows user "nabbo" I used Winscp for file transfer. I had some problems with the package order regarding dependency....

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It seems you figured it out; but for others - you pick the Package Architecture for your device...not the machine target.

That's expected, which is why it's easier to connect and let it install automatically. Nonetheless, I'm glad you got it wokring!

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