Tp link pharos cpe210 bricked

Hey, im Merlin and i got some problems with my tp link pharos cpe210.

Im a noob and have no clue about anything but i want to get my wifi running again^ :smiley:

So what happend:

I use the device in a garden something in the nowhere to get wan over lan from a lte router and spread it via wifi^

in the interface if i remember correctly under wifi settings where you set the wifi name and pw there are some checkboxes which port it should attach to the wireless interface.

i was so stupid and checked all three options^

since then its not sending any wifi, i cant get on it via lan.

my px wont obtain a ip i think - tryd without dhxp giving my pc,,, etc but everytime i failed reaching the devices interface :confused:

can you help me?

i hope the way i appear here and ask is okay, its now 00:40 in the night and im trying since 5 houres - its under 0 degrees celsius outside on the roof i climb on to work on the device ;(

i have also tryed pressing the reset button sooo often, long, short, whatever, no change - just rebooting i think

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I think the Reset is working, it boots up really slow so i think its hard reseting then...

But same problem - i cant reach it.
am i doing the stuff with the static ip wrong?

Then im trying to reach it via in my browser... im getting http timeouts