TP Link Omada Controller install and run in Openwrt?

Hi All

Long story short, I've got myself a Mochabin with the Openwrt install and the QCA6391 miniPCI-E card for Wifi6. I was planning to use it as my whole router and wifi solution, but because it appears I can only use the wifi card on the Snapshot version of Openwrt (and even then it's not without some challenges that are beyond my fairly novice tech skills), I'm considering whether I should just use the Mochabin as the router/switch, and have a separate Wireless AP. There's a few benefits with the separate WAP, and I already have a TP-Link EAP610v1 in my garden office (shed) which is Omada capable. I did research whether I could get it to do fast roaming with an Openwrt AP, but it appears you can only enable fast roaming / mesh via their Omada controller. I'm therefore wondering if it would make sense for me to just get another EAP610 or EAP650 to connect to use as the WAP indoors, and use the Omada controller software to manage those plus enable fast roaming/mesh.

So I then thought, the Mochabin is a beast, it must be able to manage running the controller software. I've checked the Omada controller v5 installation instructions - How to install the Omada Controller v5 - which says it's supported on Ubuntu (16.04, 18.04 & 20.04), Centos (6 & 7) and Debian (8, 9, 10, 11). So my questions for the experts out there are:

  1. Do you reckon I'll be able to run Omada Controller v5 on my Mochabin? (For info, in the instructions linked above, it lists the dependencies as OpenJDK 8 and above, MongoDB v3 or v4, JSVC and CURL). If not possible, do you reckon Omada Controller v3 or v4 would be a different story (install instructions for those here - How to install the Omada Controller v3 and How to install v4 )

  2. Any pros or cons to doing this (eg. security issues etc)?

For me, as a relative newbie, I like the control Openwrt gives me to set different zones (Secure, guest, IoT, TV etc) and have control over the firewall rules without having to be too knowledgeable. It also has that nice SQM stuff for dealing with bufferbloat. But, I also like the idea of the Omada controller being a bit more user friendly, works with the WAP I already have, and would give me the easy fast roaming if I got another Omada capable WAP.

P.s. for anyone out there thinking about getting the EAP610, check if it's a v1 or v2. Just saying because the 610v1 is massive (243 × 243 × 64 mm) in comparison to the 610v2 or 650 (160 × 160 × 33.6 mm)

Can you run docker on the mochabin?

Sorry, I'm afraid I'd have no idea where to start with that. I'm guessing you don't mean running a docker container inside Openwrt?

Hi Hectae

I didn't realise there was already done guidance on running docker containers inside Openwrt. I've just seen this post on the forums as well - OpenWrt lancache - so it appears yes, docker definitely can be run on Mochabin. I'm just weighing up whether to go down that route or just get myself a Unifi 6 LR off eBay and replace the tplink wap I have with that...