TP-LINK Official Firmware Hidden Menu With Root Access

Why do you keep posting these YouTube videos that are both old and not yours?

This one, in particular, has OpenWrt as its original source

My first source of the "Hack" was OpenWrt Wiki. This is not new, just wanted to share.

(Edit to new URL mine)


the videos owner name : rtrex
and iam share the videos from the same channel ! not download in my channel then share it !
and all forum in the internet share videos To help with something or information !

I personally would prefer to digest a wall of text than have to scrub through a video searching for an answer or a detail.


This is actually stupid in my opinion, although community here does work with stock firmwares at times. Most of us come here to actually change that firmware to something better and if we needed these videos to get information then this forum wouldn't actually exist in the first place. I guess OpenWrt would then have had a YouTube channel instead.

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copying and pasting access url would suffice instead of seeing yt video in every post you make


Adding to that, a brief explanation of why you think the linked content is interesting, along with a summary of what's there, especially for video or other time-consuming content.

Perhaps something like:

Here's a video that shows an existing back-door into TP-Link TL-WR741ND routers' OEM firmware from 2016. I posted it because (well, I have no idea why you posted it and why it's of interest).

There is more information on this at


ok thank you for all :grinning:
now in all post makes add video from youtube :rofl:
sorry about this bad video :sunglasses: