TP-Link MR6400 v1 - how do I set modem side time?


I've been happily using OpenWrt (1.0.7 Build 160408 Rel.2006n) on my MR640 for some time now. I've just noticed that the modem-side LTE module time is incorrect. How do I correct it?

I started using the data limit / monthly allowance feature but it wasn't resetting to zero each month. That is when I noticed the time wasn't correct.

doesn't sound like openwrt ....

(usually) unlimited surf by doing Mobile hotspot TTL firewall settings

That's what it says on the device tab for firmware. How about OpenWrt 21.02.1, r16325-88151b8303, that's what greets me on ssh login.

It doesn't add up, post screen shots, will you ?

The firmware version probably relates to the LTE module ( Stock TP-Link?

It's the 'other side', the dhcp router that has the OpenWrt software. Maybe I should be asking this question on TP-Link's forum??

This is the device data...

yeah, was about to reply just that, <>

you can ask questions about the openwrt version (.1.1), the LTE modem (.0.1)
is something completely different.

you could however check if there are FW updates available for the modem.

I'm a bit baffled tbh. The LTE module is (according to the OpenWrt specs) running its own android OS. There isn't much functionality from cli there but a simple 'date' command shows the correct date time. However the web interface (LEDE) shows it completely wrong...

Is that a question for here or elsewhere?

never hurts to ask, but as you said, it runs Android, not openwrt.

the webui date/time could be a stupid bug.

Thank you for your help @frolic.

I'm going to forget it. I'll turn off the data limit and not worry about it. There's something wrong somewhere but it's really not worth tracking down.

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