TP-LINK MR3420 I'm not an expert, please help

Hello everyone

I want to set up OpenWrt on a router.

My ISP gave me a technikolor modem+router which I have no access to. I bought a newer TP-LINK router to use, attached it to the ISP's technikolor, and wanted to set it up. Unfortunately, there is no openwrt support for this one, but I had access to the TP LINK web interface.

Now I've found an older TP-LINK device that would be so good to use with openWRT, but after I connect it to the ISP's router and then connect to the TP-LINK router from my laptop or anything I just cant access the TP-LINK web interface, it says that no tp link device is connected.

When I type in the ip, it brings me to the technikolor web interface and I dont know why.

With the other, not openwrt compatible tp link router, there wasnt any problem.

Can anyone help me out, please, it would be really important for me to work it out.

Apologies for the bad english,
thank you in advance

it might be in bridge mode, i dont know, I dont know how to check it and set it up as a router at all :frowning:

The MR3420 is not a very good unit for OpenWrt due to its small ROM and RAM space. It can technically run OpenWrt and do some basic things-- with careful setup to save space. It is much easier for a beginner to start with one of the newer well-supported models.

To set up a new router, connect the router directly to your PC with an Ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports. Do not have the router or PC connected to any other networks including wifi.

oh I dont even need to connect the router to the ISP to set it up?

Im an information technologies student and need to create a small office network via openwrt

What do you recommend? I mean what type of router that is easy to set up and work with?

also, thank you

Hello juventus. What happens is that you have to give a static ip to the tp link. cable plug directly from the tp-link router to the PC and enters the you put the admin login admin is surely that because I have tp-link w841n v:8.4. You go to Lan and change your ip to example. I would now let you into the main router with and other router with Only configure tp-link router for have net