TP Link MR3020 v3.20. How can I flash OpenWrt?

I have purchased TP Link MR3020 router having version 3.20. How can I flash openwrt firmware in it? When I am trying to flash the v3 firmware it 's not getting flashed. Please help.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I will be looking forward for futher development. Thanks again.

It is a presently supported model but you will need to use TFTP to install.

Thanks for your reply. Can you kindly provide any link for the procedure? Also does it support v3.20? And is there any possibility to use the web gui for it in future? Thanks in advance.

did you try reading the link provided ?

v3.20 = v3

use web gui for what ? upgrading openwrt ? yes.

First I need to flash the openwrt firmware to the device. I have done such flashing for my WR740N router using the .bin image provided in the openwrt website. To do so I have used the stock webgui of TP LINK and after flashing the device started to work in openwrt firmware. But when I follow the same procedure for my MR3020 nothing happens. That's the concern. Please help. Thanks for your prompt reply.

did you try reading the link provided ?

Some stock firmware checks the uploaded firmware more strictly than others. In this case the developers did not reverse-engineer the checks in the stock firmware* needed to craft a GUI installable "factory" file, since TFTP installation is possible.

Further development on this is not underway, since it is not necessary. Also the MR3020 is an older low-performance model which does not hold priority.

  • In some cases this is impossible since the firmware integrity check is a cryptographic signature. It would require the TP-Link private key to sign other firmware.

Thanks for your guidance. I have finally installed openwrt v21 on my MR3020 and able to configure the USB tethering and all other stuffs.

I have flashed the openwrt firmware in the MR3020 V3.2 Router. It is working with Android USB tethering also. Only thing I couldn't configure is that I want to use the router to act as a access point and connect it to another router using WDS so that it's range can be increased. I want to use the usb tethered internet to wifi. Can it be possible. Please suggest and help.

If you want to share internet from the tethered phone, via the MR3020, you probably have to set it up as a wireless client to the other part of the network.

Hi everyone! I tried to flash my TL-MR3020 V3.20 but isn't work. Someone can help me?
It's the TFTP connection available in this version? I tried to install with Linux and Windows. The results was the same.. timeouts :frowning:

Did you follow the instructions on the device info page for flashing using the tftp precisely? The device will only look for a tftp server at the specified address.

disable firewall on TFTPD host ....

I have flashed it and it's working without any issues. Now I just want to extend the usb tethered internet to wifi. Got some success. But still not fully satisfied. Any suggestions is highly appreciated.

It's rather easier to flash using windows. Move the openwrt tftp firmware to your tftp installation directory and rename it as tp_recovery.bin, change your LAN IP to power cycle the MR3020 while keeping the reset button pressed. Now start the tftp server application. Keep the reset button pressed until you see a file transfer operation starts on the server application. Release the reset button. Wait till the router reboots. You are done.

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