TP-Link MR3020 V1 IP Configuration

Hello, I have a problem with my TP Link MR3020 v1: I have OpenWRT installed on the device. When I changed the IP address of the device, it loaded forever and suddenly I had no contact with my router. If I enter now the new IP, he finds no network. But when I enter the Default IP the Black LuCi screen comes, but after a short load comes: "This page is not available." Thanks in advance!

What version of OpenWrt are you running on your device?

Are you connecting via Ethernet or WiFi?

Did you try renewing the dhcp lease on your computer (or tablet/phone)?

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I installed the version "openwrt-mr3020-v1-lite-310-MW2015-03-14"

i have connected it via ethernet cable.

how do I do that, how should I go before?

Where did you get that file?

i think from here

Since this is not a pure openwrt build, I’d recommend you ask in the rooter forums. There may be differences between the builds that would render advice here as useless.

Or flash with a pure openwrt build available via (recommend 17.01.5 since this is a 4/32 device and cannot really run the latest).

I have the file on the description of a video. I would like to set up the router so that I have in the car with a 4G stick Internet on my Audi radio. and that goes according to my information only with this version.

but how can I flash it without accessing the device? I do not even get a connection via cmd, etc.

It is hard to know what exactly happened, especially on a build that I’ve never used. I’d recommend asking in the relevant forums for that specific build. Hopefully there is a functioning failsafe feature with that build (see info here).

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