TP-LINK MR3020 Open Wrt and QMI LTE modem

Hi. I have a BM806U-E1 modem, which I connect using a USB-MPCIE adapter with a sim card slot to my tp-link MR3020 V3 router. My router has a clean OpenWRT 19.07 firmware installed. To work with QMI, I installed qmi-utils luci-proto-qmi packages. Then I set up all the configurations as on this site The modem started working and started receiving and transmitting packets. An internet connection has appeared. The download speed reached 91 Mbps. But after a short time, the Internet connection disappears. Moreover, the interfaces are working and there is a small packet reception and transmission. This is solved by rebooting for a while. And always

root@OpenWRT:/# uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --get-data-status

Define short time ?

It's always different. From 3 to 15 minutes is a short interval

Do you use a powered USB hub ?
I could imagine this being a power issue.

USB without additional power. The total maximum consumption is 0.43A. Tomorrow I will try to connect a separate forced power supply to a USB hub and tell you the result

Looks like you were right about nutrition. I connected the usb pole to the gap directly from the power supply. Consumption has increased, the processor has stopped warming up. It is not clear why the engineers put power on usb through the processor. We are testing further...

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